I want to join!

We are glad you want to play on our server. Before you can play on our server, you have to answer 10 questions. In order to answer them, we recommend that you read the Rules and CJDZ - What is good too know, where you will find all the necessary information how it works on the server.

Enter your in-game nickname in the box below. Be careful, you must have purchased Minecraft!

1. I want visit someone's house:

2. What shouldn't I leave behind me in nature?

3. I want to set up my own village.

4. Can I change the spawn point in the game (the place where I will appear after the start)?

5. When I need something from a moderator, then:

6. Can I dig 1x1 hole into the ground?

7. Do we have some custom recipes on the server that are not in vanilla Minecraft?

8. How can I find out which punishment I got for violating the rules?

9. How do I find coordinates of where I am currently located?

10. When a neighbor's house encroach into your land. What should you definetly NOT do?